Revyoo Review

Revyoo Review – It is a cloud app the create new ‘review comparison’ shopping videos in a few clicks for you to put on YouTube & make affiliate commissions from. 

How’s Revyoo Work and How’s It Different?

It’s the first to create “review comparison videos” where the app will create a video comparing different related products against each other. 

ie: It can create a video discussing the latest smart phone models & styles. You then can rank the video on YouTube w/ affiliate links to each of the smart phone models in the description. 

Then, you make commissions from whatever model the viewer thought was best for them. 

It works in 3 steps. 

Step 1. Choose Your Products

Enter a keyword & the app analyses product competition & demand on Google & YouTube. It then fetches the results from Amazon + other sales channels allowing you to pick the products you want to promote. 

Step 2. Create the Video

Then, after you’ve selected several products, generate a comparison shopping video using the app. It will create the video for you using text from descriptions/review. It also includes text-to-speech generator. 

Step 3. Share the Video 

Then, you can upload the created video right to your YouTube account. The app adds titles, description, good tags, & thumbnail. You can enter your affiliate links in the description section for the products you’ve reviewed. 

Features Include:

+ Keyword & Product Research For Easier Ranking

+ Select Any Number Of Products For Your Review Video

+ Add Relevant Headline, Tags, Description, Thumbnails

+ Add Slides/Images/Videos To Your Videos, Select Music, Voiceover or Text-To-Speech Generator. 

+ Add Video Transitions.

+ Upload/Schedule Video to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook.

+ Built-in YouTube Ranking Feature Included

and more. 

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