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Hey Guys, Emma here and THANK YOU for Stopping by to check out my 15 Minute Manifestation Review!

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15 Minute Manifestation Review
15 Minute Manifestation Review

In this 15 Minute Manifestation Review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at 15 Minute Manifestation System — It’s a Personal Development / Self-Help (audio) program that is designed to automatically reprogram your subconscious mind, to help dissolve your limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset, and allow you to manifest the life of your dreams.

Here’s everything you need to know about Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation.

Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation Review

Product:15 Minute Manifestation
Product Creator:Eddie Sergey
Official Website: Click Here
Recommended?Yes, without Hesitation

Do you want to do away with the feeling of endless stress or clean out your financial struggles? Or Do you know that the journey to financial freedom begins with your decision? Or Are you ready to achieve everything that you have dreamt of?

If you wish to reprogram your brain so as to attract unlimited wealth, happiness, love, confidence, and freedom then 15 Minute Manifestation program is for you.

But what is it?

What Is 15 Minute Manifestation Program?

15 Minute Manifestation
15 Minute Manifestation

15 minute Manifestation program is developed by Eddie Sergey. It is a unique program that teaches you how to reprogram your brain so that you can effortlessly live the life of your dreams. It’s the best way to train your mind to eliminate negative thinking and focus on what you really need.

Who Is Eddie Sergey?

Eddie Sergey was diagnosed with brain cancer as a young child. Instead of taking him to the hospital, his mother decided to make him stay at home and rely on the natural treatments. She also made him listen to a cassette tape.

According to him, this is what healed him. He claimed that during this time, a sound called theta waves was emitted through the cassette tape which had the ability to talk to his subconscious mind called the editor. He believed that this wave opened up his mind and changed his thinking.

How does 15 Minute Manifestation Work?

This program has 3 distinct tracks that assist in reprogramming your brain in different ways.

According to this program, the sound in the tracks contains theta frequency that acts as the best medium to activate your subconscious brain. It shows you that the secret to manifestation and affirmation is not a scam or a myth but a scientific process.

These frequencies have been composed by the best audio engineers who have compiled nature sounds including ocean waves, winds, rain among others to create a different learning experience.

It will, therefore, work to do away with your old limiting thoughts and beliefs and replace them with new and empowering ones.

It can teach you how to completely change your circumstances and get what you want such as lovable relationships, more money, and a complete happiness.

What Is Contained In The 15 Minutes Manifestation


This track will take you to the natural state of limitless abundance levels by turning your thought process to abundance. It unlocks your potential by channeling each positive energy from the universe. Without using effort or money, you can create endless possibilities for yourself.


This track will change your mind to can accept the new reality. It helps you to diminish limiting ideas and start a new life. It also improves your observation power hence you will be able to know what’s missing in your life.


This track will help you change the circle of scarcity and negativity so that you can focus the whole of your attention on telling your new story of prosperity and wealth. You will, therefore, create your own reality of wealth and prosperity.

With just $49, you can get the complete of 15 Minute Manifestation program.

15 Minute Manifestation Review – Pros & Cons


  • By using this program, you will understand the inner workings of your brain and change the way it works. This will help you know how the world works
  • Since it’s a user-friendly program, it’s very easy to follow and understand. Using it does not require a set of knowledge or skills to properly understand everything
  • It changes your life for the better by helping you to destroy all the negative thoughts and views of different aspects of life. You can, therefore, attain inner peace, wealth, happiness, and good health.
  • With this program, you can break free from a disrupted mind and live the way you want to live.
  • It’s meant for everyone.
  • It’s the quickest and the easiest way to achieve the kind of life that you want to achieve.
  • It’s very much affordable hence you will not have to use a lot of money.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Since it’s only offered online, it’s not available in paper format. This makes it unsuitable for those who prefer to read paperbacks
  • It’s not an overnight success hence it requires you to put a lot of effort for you to succeed in implementing its techniques.


Overall, this program is worthy of your money and time. With maximum guarantee results and minimum effort, it’s one of the programs that lives up to its claims. Whether it’s success in finding true love, financial freedom or dramatic improvement in your life, this program is the answer. It not only reprograms your subconscious mind but it also replace them with new ones so as to help you change the way you perceive life. With just 15 minutes of your time and headphones, you will have made a huge step towards abundant life.

Numerology 1111
Numerology 1111

Numerology 1111 : The Univeral Significance of 1111

It is said that numbers represent the language of the universe. Just as we use words and sentences to communicate, the universe uses numbers and sequences to do the same. Over the years, numerologists, scientists, and observers have come to see that the tangible world that we occupy is powered by an intangible force and that force can be represented by numbers.


Among the numbers and the mathematical relationships that exist, the number 1111 holds a significant place in the Universe. 1111 is the calling card or the ping of the Universe. It is the number that acts as the doorbell alerting you to an impending event. It is specifically an event that can be critical in your life and future.

The Universe reaches out to each of us in unique ways except when it comes to the number 1111. When this number appears to anyone it always means the same thing. The context may vary from one person to the next, but the core is always the same. It is the call to introspection.

Diverse Teachings

Some texts and teachings refer to this number as the alert to await a message. Others say that it is a sign of opportunity and riches. Others say that it is the soothsayer of pain. Still, others, say that it is a harbinger of change. This leads to the notion that it all can’t be true because it can’t mean so many different things.

The truth is that all those things are the same thing when you see it from the perspective of the Universe. The Universe is about change. It is said that the only constant in the universe is change.

Without change, life would not exist as we know it. Without change, we can never improve. Without change, we cannot find enlightenment. And, 1111 portends that change.


The astute reader would then ask for the perspective the reconciles the various interpretations of that number. The thread that weaves through all the different perspectives is the fact that change in us comes from inspiration. 1111 is the agent of change and change is the nature of the Universe. Look again at this list of interpretations:

  • pain
  • opportunity
  • message
  • inspiration

What do all these have in common? They are all about change. When death comes to the family, in the wake of 1111 it is painful to the living members. That death is anchored in change. It is not bad or good, it just is what it is.

When an opportunity arises, it is the catalyst for change. When a message, or an omen, presents itself, it is an opportunity for action or defense. When one feels inspired and acts, it causes change. All of the subsequent events that follow the number result in change. How ever one defines it, the effect of change is undeniable.

We apply labels to the message of the universe because we see change differently. Loss, the quintessence of change, is not taken well. Opportunity, the embodiment of luck, is taken positively.

That is the confusion that surrounds the appearance of 1111. With the understanding that the number is the messenger’s calling card, it would be beneficial if we could align ourselves to the forthcoming change. It’s like a ringing telephone. You must willingly answer it.

It is also possible to encounter 1111 at an increased pace if you are willing to embrace change. Change, when orchestrated by the Universe will always bring you benefits if you embrace it. The more you embrace change, and work toward it, the more you will see the number as the carrier of fortune than the forerunner of loss.

Opportunity is neutral when seen from a universal perspective. Opportunity is only the pathway to change. The way one interprets change depends on their mindset. A negative person will see 1111 as a bad omen, a positive person will see it as good fortune. In reality, it is either good nor bad. To change what it means requires that we change the way we see it. It can be whatever we choose it to be.

With this in mind, the next time you see 1111, whether in a dream, on the clock, on a billboard, look at it in a way that embraces the opportunity. Make a wish if you have to. Look for the change that can come into your life. When the catalyst of change comes, use your wit and your will to make it what you want.