Parallel Profits Review – A great way of making money

Parallel Profits is created by by Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton. It is going to live on 29th January’2019. Read full Parallel Profits review.

Parallel Profits system is generating so much hype and buzz and claiming to help you build a six figure business, which is a really bold claim and whatever you hear something like that, I’m sure it raises your alarms specially if you are a newbie then you can be skeptical at these kinds of claims but the first thing you need to know is that Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton are both standard guys in this industry with a very proven track record. Infact, Aidan’s company employs 30 people and outsources and he is heavily involved in e-commerce and likewise Stephen as well. 

Both guys have been successful, they are not like other people who take advantage of people and sell the products on how to make money. They actually make that money themselves and reaches outside with the help of their company. 

The Parallel Profits is sort of an evolution of all the different traffic strategies and all different monetization strategies that they have tried over the years and its these systems that have been been working well. 

Phase one of the system as you probably know already starts with keep Facebook traffic that basically kick-start a viral traffic atmosphere through which you can get free organic traffic after initially putting in a very minimal budget in Facebook ads. Now, when you have to keep traffic rolling that is coming to your website, you will monetize it either using affiliate offers or local lead generation or selling your own products, services or selling physical products. You have a wide variety of options to monetize tour site but the easiest one is to affiliate offers and they show you exactly how to do that.

Phase 2 to 3 is all about scaling up and maximizing the visitor value through re-targeting email marketing and few other strategies. Now the goal basically is to build a website in 60 days and by the end of 60 days if you stick with the weekly training and go through the checklist, assignments, the goal is that each website generating about 60 plus dollars a day which will bring you close to 6 figure income.

Offcourse, this process is goining to be very very intense but it is relatively simple and achievable. Although it takes work and effort and probably more than what you would expect based on watching the sales video especially if you are a beginner. It is simplified and they have broken it down step by step, so if you can achieve in 60 days GREAT but if it is taking you longer then you’ll still be well on your way to earning an income by the system as long as you follow the steps and you use their coaching.